Regina is a Spanish percussionist, singer-songwriter  and dancer who combines her musical talents to bring people together and create unique experiences to touch people's hearts and bring transformation to their lives.

From an early age she had a passion for tribal music and spiritual ceremonies. Little did she know about her subsequent future travels around the world, to learn the many ways humans uses musical rites as a away to hold the community together and to connect to other realms.

Everything started when she came to London in her early teens and became connected to the African musical culture by joining the community musical centre "Akwaaba", a legendary place that became a platform to learn traditional music from the best West African musicians in London. She was privilege to learn from master drummers like Odartey Lamptey, her first Ghanaian teacher for Kpanlogo music, Baba Kone from Burkina Faso for Djembe Malinke music and Mamadou Sarr from Senegal for more traditional music. Soon, she was leading drumming workshops at Akwaaba, schools and community projects in London.

During these years, she traveled to Ghana for intense training in drumming and dancing, spending time in villages and receiving the knowledge from the Griots. She participated in many sacred rituals that transformed her visions and open her eyes to the important role that music plays as a bonding tool for the community. She also experienced music as a way to spiritual growth rather than just as a form of entertaining.

She noticed how Western culture lacks ways to enjoy music in day to day life and the need to bring happiness and bonding between people. Inspired, she chose to dedicate her music to bringing people together, creating community and reaching  families by creating musical projects for children.

Since 2010 she's been running Smiles of Music and Little Drumming Bear. Two musical projects based in North London, both offering open-sessions, educational workshops and events.

For the last 8 years, she has felt strongly entranced by the mystic laws of sound healing which went on and became part of her passion, starting her down a new path towards self-discovery. Her first introduction to Overtones was through Jill Purce, pioneer of healing voice in London, experiencing how the voice is the most powerful tool for transformation and healing.  After that, she discovered the ancient knowledge of the Vedic Mantras to charge the Soul with High Frequencies. 

At the present she creates unique musical journeys, flexible enough to adapt to each particular experience and intention. She delivers these practices in her own personal way, with a distinctive feminine flavour combining all the elements she has carried with her from her journeys, experiences, the sharing from the elders and from the intuitive knowledge that comes from within.

"Every session is different, magic happens when you allow it to flow", Regina