Drum & Chant Journey

A drum & chant journey brings an uplifting experience to your life, to your work or to that special occasion by bringing people together using the primal energy of drums and voice.
One-to-One sessions
Community events
Schools and education
Team building event
Therapy sessions
Party entertainment

Fluye dance movement rhythm slow

Fluye is an active dance meditation based on the synchronicity between movement and breath, spinal-flow, chakra-spiral, hands activation and sound projection along with live music. We move to the slow rhythms of nature to bring harmony to ourselves. We aim for the release of internal blockages, activation of our energy wheels and transformation by allowing the body to flow to the rhythms of the drums and live music.


Little Drumming Bear.
Joyful family orientated musical sessions.
Little ones love drums and rattles and feel a strong urge to tap and shake getting, which provides them with an instant way to express themselves in a non verbal language. It increases their self-confidence, improves their social skills, encourages self-expression, creates strong bonding with others and helps them release all that energy!
Pre-school drop in sessions
Nurseries and schools
Therapeutic sessions
Entertainment and special occasions